Setup Dynamics 365 CRM Trail

Dear People,

Microsoft throws a new think unveiled in CRM industry by the name “Dynamic 365”.In this, Microsoft’s come up with sufficient feature of CRM and ERP.

Dynamic 365 having full business application including; Sales, Operations, Field Service, Customer Service, Financials, Project Service Automation, and Marketing.

In this post, will give you a walk-through for setting up your trial and creating new Dynamics 365 account. You can follow mentioned steps;

  1. For setup Dynamic 365 trial account  Sign up. First need to select the country and fill all details.


2. Fill the user id and password.


3. Verify the mobile number via OTP.



4.  Once processing is completed, click on You’re ready to go…. it will redirect you to office 365 portal.

5. Click on “Admin” so it will be redirected to “Admin Center”.



6.  Select your user experience demo option and click on Complete Setup button.


7. Once setup is completed you will be redirected to Dynamics 365 application



8. You can further complement it with the best of apps from Microsoft AppSource required for your specific business needs.

Some important links related to Dynamic 365.






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