Create Dynamics 365 Leads from a Google Sheet using Microsoft Flow

Dear Dynamic People,

Many companies use google form as marketing or survey or any public interaction.That public interaction form response data insert into Dynamics CRM.

Task: Google Form response data insert into Dynamics CRM as a Lead record.

We need a Microsoft Flow account, Google account, and Dynamic CRM.

 First, we need to create a Google account for creating and sending google form for marketing. Then we need to create a Microsoft flow account and choose the plan as per your requirement.

Setup the Google Form for marketing and capture the response in Google spreadsheet.

  1. Login in google and go to doc section
  2. Click on a blank form and create fields as per requirement.
  3.   After creating form fields then set a response destination. Click the “Select response destination” then you can choose create new sheet or use existing sheet

4. Now form and linked spreadsheet created in your Google drive.

Note: We create five fields in Google form and same are created in the spreadsheet. Wee need to remove space from column name and need to add one more extra blank column to store Microsoft Flow value.

Now a company can start their campaign using Google forms and collect targeted audience response into a spreadsheet. Transfer those responses into CRM as lead, we create a Microsoft Flow:

  1. Here we create a flow using a template, you can create as blank choose all point and condition as per your requirement. Template link  Create Dynamics 365 Leads from a Google Sheet.
  2. Now need to connect/ login to Google and Dynamics organization.
  3. Click on continue and modify the flow name as per you. And select the spreadsheet which we create as campaign response. Also, select the Dynamic CRM organization with the target entity. As we select a Lead entity.

4. Now need to map the fields, most of the time it will map automatically.

Note: Add dynamic content is not working for me in chrome So I change the browser then it will work.

5. Set the interval as per your requirement and on-demand run the flow.

6. Successfully execute a Flow, a spreadsheet will modify and a record is created in Dynamic CRM.

Flow successfully executed


Spreadsheet Modify

Dynamics CRM Lead Records


We can also connect Microsft Flow to on-premise Dynamic CRM. If in your application a large amount of wait stage workflow for the reminder, invoice, payment etc then use Microsoft flow as a scheduler in dynamics to reduce wait stage workflow. If your application having multiple integration points then also you can use this product.










11 thoughts on “Create Dynamics 365 Leads from a Google Sheet using Microsoft Flow

  1. Hi Abhishek,
    I am following your blog to create lead into Dynamics 365 through Microsoft Flow and I followed all the steps that you mentioned in this blog.

    But I am unable to add field dynamically content and I am also getting one extra field that is ‘source’ and Source field is required and it is accepting only integer value.
    I think,because of this source field I am getting this issue(i.e lead is not creating).

    Please tell me how can I overcome this problem.

    Your blog is really very good.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ghulam,

      1. For adding dynamically content use IE browser.I also facing the same issue in chrome but when changing the browser it working for me and able to add values/mapping.
      2. “Source Filed” I am not getting your point, can please elaborate and also share error message.

      Thanks for your support and reading.

      Abhishek Bhansali


      1. Thanks Abhishek…

        In ‘Create a new recordScope’ step:
        1.Select an output from Previous steps
        —> Value (I choose this)
        2. Create a new record(In this ,there is many fields like below)
        1.Organization name
        —> I chose my organization name.
        2. Entity Name
        —> Leads
        —> Topic(its mapping)
        —> Name(Its mapping)
        also other fields etc.

        But the issue is : I am getting ‘Source’ field extra in create new record and this ‘Source’ field is required and only accepting integer value and also does not support ‘Add dynamic content’ so I am not understanding what value I enter in this ‘Source’ field but If I enter any value in ‘Source ‘field (like 123 or any other integer value ) then I am able to save flow.
        but when I run Flow,flow is running successfully at ‘Recurrence ‘ and ‘Get rows’ steps and at step ‘Create a new recordScope’
        I’m getting error (Action Failed,No dependent actions suceeded’.
        And I know this issue is just because ‘Source’ field.
        while response is successfully created in spreadsheet in google drive from email that we respone the Form.

        Hope we will get solution of this issue.


  2. Hi Abhishek,

    Still ‘Add Dynamic content’ is not working while I am using IE.
    But Source field issue is resolved now.

    Please help me to resolve this.



    1. Hi,
      “Add Dynamic Content ” working fine for me.
      In Get Record step,Your worksheet is coming? and also try your worksheet columns header without space and at least one row of data in sheet.



      1. Ok…
        Can you tell me what is the data type of Form Field(In My Form ,All Field data type is ‘short answer’).



  3. But when I am adding any form field in Field then I’m getting this error’This output is an array. A foreach cannot be nested inside of another foreach.’ using add dynamic content.


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