How to setup Voice of the Customer and create your Survey/Feedback in Dynamics CRM 365

Dear Dynamics People,

After case/ticket register by customer wait for the solution of a problem. Sometimes ticket will resolve very effectively and the customer was very happy with customer support team but he/she not able to express his/her feeling. Other hands sometimes this positive situation goes into the negative area and customers feel to improve the service. To express Dynamics CRM having VOC module. Below mention Voice of the Customer (VOC) features:

  • Surveys with a variety of questions and formats
  • Themes that can be designed to follow your companies color guidelines
  • Scoring that is predefined or can be modified for your needs
  • Personalization for specific customer or user
  • Feedback that can be tracked and reported on
  • Follow-ups automatically generated based on feedback or scores

Developing a personal relationship with your customers helps to understand when they are being taken care of where there are areas for improvement.  Being able to perform a lightweight check-up with a VOC survey can help to maintain your relationship with the customer and verify that they are being delighted and cared for. How to Enable the VOC in Dynamics CRM 365 :

  1. Go to Admin panel and click on Dynamics 35 under the Admin Center menu

        2. Go to Applications > Select VOC and click on Manage           3. Accept window will come with an app will access your organization data.

4. Then installation will start


5. Go to Dynamics CRM

How to Create your Survey:

Click on new button and  A new survey will open- In it some fields are mandatory

Survey: This is a drop down, when you want to add questions to the survey you will select the drop down and go to designer

Status Reason- Draft: When the survey is live the status will change from Draft to Published Save Buttons: There are 2 areas you can save- 2 on the Upper left corner Save: Save and remain on the page, Save and Close: Save and go back to the list of surveys, and Lower right corner Save: Save and remain on the page. Please be aware that the pages do not necessarily save on its own- You have to go and do it. Theme: Automatically populated with a default theme Now click the survey drop down and select designer from this view is how you set up surveys. VOC starts with 3 default pages.

  1. Welcome page
  2. Questions (Can add additional pages)
  3. Conclusion

You cannot delete the welcome or the conclusion page and each of 3 sections must remain in their predetermined locations. But you can add more pages in the question section and move them up and down as needed. Preview: Now go to  Survey Responses to see the results Thanks!!!


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